What can you expect from therapy? 

A lot can happen during our sixty-minute sessions, and I invite you to bring up anything that's been pressing on you lately. I will listen and we will see what patterns begin to appear in your life, which will all weave together to form a life story; one which you will then have the power to change. I will help you figure out ways of living and responding to the world that work best for you, including how to manage panic attacks, relationship problems, and issues that can seem like they're never going to change, like low self-esteem.

I will listen and I will share stories from my own experience. We will laugh together! 

I practice therapy using a mindfulness approach. Mindfulness is an awareness of the present moment, free from judgment about how things should be or how we would like them to be. This kind of awareness allows me to be fully with whatever you happen to be feeling or experiencing when you walk into my office and is a skill you will gain through our time together. We will practice mindfulness through guiding our attention and awareness into the present moment. This will be done through formal exercises, such as a guided meditation, and also in informal ways, like noticing how it feels in the moment to talk about a painful memory.

With more and more practice of bringing your attention into the present moment–into what is actually happening right here and now–you will deepen your connection to your truest self and discover a wealth of knowledge and wisdom about how you want to live your life. This deeper awareness becomes a platform from which you can begin to make informed choices about the kinds of relationships you want to have, the direction you want to point your life in, and can broaden your perspective on life itself. Big stuff, I know!

At the end of our sessions, I will typically give you a piece of homework–some mindfulness exercise specifically tailored to help you meet your goals over the following week. Now there is no pressure here; it's no big deal if you don't do the homework because then the resistance that you felt towards the exercise will become a focus of our work. I understand how difficult it can be to change habits and ways of responding to the world that seem to happen automatically. By setting small, accomplishable weekly goals that we decide on together, you have a greater likelihood of success. Again, therapy is a relationship. You will be treated as the unique individual you are and together, we can help you reach your goals of happiness, stability, and health.


My fee is $80 for a 60-minute individual therapy session. I offer a few sliding scale fee slots based on financial difficulties; just ask and we can talk about your financial situation.  I do not accept insurance at this time.


Here are two forms to print and fill out before our first appointment:
Mandatory Disclosure Statement
Intake Form